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Cultural Center in Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village: A Living Story of the Joseon Dynasty (Complete Guide & Map)

The ancient South Korean Bukchon Hanok Village in  is a rare time-machine neighborhood. An attraction worth of topping any list of places to visit in Seoul. The village takes you back more than 600 years ago, to the ancient Joseon Dynasty era, while confining pieces of what used to be the lifestyle of the upper class of those times. In all my travels, I have hardly ever seen such a surprising urban artefact.

Bukchon means Northern Village and it was called so due to its strategic position, north of Cheonggyecheong Stream and Jongno.

Traditionally, this was the residential quarter of high-ranking government officials and nobility. Even though some of the old hanoks have been modernized being transformed into the so called fusion hanoks, there are still plenty of well-conserved examples of art and architecture reminding of the ways old Koreans used to live.

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7 Days in Jordan: From Aqaba to Amman by Car. And Back.

7 days in Jordan, an end of February dream trip with the most unexpected itinerary, starting from the depths of the Wadi Rum desert to the heights of Mount Nebo, through the ancient carved city of Petra and upstream the Jordan River, following closely the mystical paths of Christianity.

Even if I tried to plan this holiday to the smallest detail, the actual 7-day trip to Jordan, exceeded any expectations by far. Jordan is considered to be an expensive country. But with a moderate budget for two people and a rented car, we managed to balance and enjoy all that Jordan had to offer from South to North and back. In one week only!


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Oslo Pass Vigeland Discount

Visiting Oslo on a Pass | Is the City Pass Worth the Money?

Oslo is so beautiful! Still, a rather expensive city to visit, explore and fully enjoy. But, thankfully, magical fjords sightseeing, delicious Norwegian food and art museums can all come with a discount when using Oslo Pass.

I visited Oslo during November, with my husband. We love winter trips! So Oslo was a great destination despite the cold weather. We were there for 4 full days, from Friday to Monday. But the 4 days in Oslo passed so fast that it seemed more like a weekend getaway.

Considering that on Mondays most museums are closed, we used the Oslo pass at the beginning of our trip. More specifically, from Friday to Sunday. And kept a bunch of free things to do and see in Oslo (without a pass) for a Monday morning.

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Turkish cultural experience Ebru Traditional Ottoman paper marbling

18 Fun Things To Do In Istanbul For An Authentic Turkish Experience

The city of Istanbul is one of the most colorful and vivid cities I’ve ever seen.  There are lots and lots of fun things to do in Istanbul apart from the usual activity of exploring cultural attractions. Due to Romania’s close location to Turkey, traveling to Istanbul has always been accessible for me. I went numerous times for sightseeing, to study, to draw, for business, while visiting some Turkish friends. And it never ceases to amaze me.

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