Opulence in the Colors of the Desert

If you go on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, at the first sight, everything looks either empty in some places, either like a construction site that seems to have no beginning and no end. But if you take a magical magnifier and try to look closer, you could be amazed by the luxury that is still hidden in heavenly silence, behind the dust.

At least that’s what I did… and I had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful tour and a great coffee on the beach. Because… One of these places is the amazing “oasis” called Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi.

Park Hyatt Hotel Abu Dhabi

A place good enough to relax and reconnect with yourself and with nature, a hotel located between the dramatic panorama of a nine-kilometer beach and the fluid beauty of Arabic sand dunes curving out of sight. No one to disturb you.

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Boadicea’s Chariot

Boadicea Queen of the Iceni Tribe, London Monument

“possessed of greater intelligence than often belongs to women” – Dio

Boadicea, queen of the Iceni tribe (people who inhabited the area of nowadays Norfolk), an amazing barbarian. Every time I utter these words, it’s like a lot of admiration comes out. This is how I remember her from high school. I made a whole thesis for my English certificate about a powerful woman of forgotten times. Known to have been of royal descent, Boadicea is described everywhere as having the spirit of a fighter, a woman of an out of the normal courage. Her image is very strong and weighty. A long, red haired rebel with a harsh voice and a piercing glare, a fire against the Roman oppression.

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Al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qala’un Mosque

Visiting the Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qala’un Mosque. What a marvelous architecture! And so much history to share with the visitors…

Cairo Citadel Mosque, Egypt

The mosque located in the Citadel in Cairo, Egypt was built in the 14th century (year 1318) by the Mamluk sultan Al-Nasr Muhammad as a royal mosque for the fortress. Sultan El-Nasir Mohammed was the son of Sultan Qala’un and the ruler of Egypt for about 42 years. The mosque is admired for its large size since it has capacity for 5000 person and was one of the major congregational places in the region of the Citadel for a long time.

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