Scandinavia Travel Guide


Sharing history, mythology, arts, and culture, the three stunning Scandinavian countries located in Northern Europe (Sweden, Norway and Denmark) are a must-visit for any traveler.

Scandinavia is a region with a fascinating Viking heritage and some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world to experience. Therefore, a trip to this side of the world would combine natural beauty, along with cultural richness. Added to that, a high standard of living.

Must-See Attractions & Activities in Scandinavia: The Top 5

Scandinavian Countries Travel Guide
  1. Explore the fjords of Norway: The crystal-clear fjords of Norway are renowned for their breathtaking towering, steep mountains backdrop, and a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Scandinavia. Whether you take a boat tour or drive along the scenic routes, the fjords will prove themselves absolutely stunning!
  2. Visit Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark: Tivoli Gardens is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and is a charming place to spend an afternoon. With its exotic gardens, carnival rides, musicals, and historical architecture, Tivoli makes some of the best memories while in Copenhagen.
  3. Take a scenic boat tour of Stockholm’s archipelago, Sweden: Sweden is all about charming islands and vibrant wildlife. A natural collection of coastal islands, tranquil inland lakes, sprawling boreal forests, and majestic glaciers. 
  4. Discover the rich Viking history: The whole Scandinavian region still bears the Vikings traces. And there are plenty of ways to experience their fascinating legacy through re-enactments and by visiting museums and historical sites. Norway used to be one of the main centers of Viking activity. And still has some of the best-preserved Viking ships in the world in display at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. In Denmark, there is the Viking Center in Ribe and the Viking Museum in Roskilde, while Sweden has a Viking Age Museum in Stockholm and the Birka Viking City in Lake Mälaren.
  5. Experience the cosmic show of the Northern Lights: Scandinavia offers by far the most awe-inspiring views of the Aurora Borealis. In particular Norway and Sweden are the perfect spots for capturing the aurora’s mesmerizing dance over the stunning backdrops of fjords, glaciers and waterfalls.
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