The World, in its confusing complexity, casts a seemingly relentless fascination upon The Traveler. A point of no return...

Time-saving travel guides to destinations worth every minute! Discovering the most hidden corners of this planet teaches us about other people, about how precious life is. About how important is to care. To care for ourselves and for the ones close to us. And for the ones far from us. For the nature and society.

Traveling is our everlasting chance to learn about each other and grow together. To respect customs and traditions. And all other ways of living. To respect choices. Either you are planning a family trip, a romantic honeymoon, a weekend getaway, backpacking for a few months on another continent… All these destinations are not destinations only, but beginnings. Small steps towards a better understanding of our purpose.

This is for all the wonderful people I’ve met while traveling, for all the people I’ve shared a meal with. For every hug. For all their stories, laughs and tears.

So, are you ready for planning your next adventure?

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North America

Almost 25 million sq. km. waiting to be discovered: from national parks of Canada, to the city that never sleeps and the Mayan pyramids.

Travel Tourist Destination Italy Southern Europe

Southern Europe

Visiting the Mediterranean Europe: Italy, once the center of the Roman Empire, the royal sanctuary of Sintra in Portugal and more.

SouthEast Asia Destination Travel to Bali Indonesia

Southeast Asia

Wild nature, perfect beaches and ancient temples architecture right between the Indian and the Pacific oceans.

Middle East Tourist Destination

Middle East

All amazing destinations on or near the Arabian Peninsula: the pyramids of Egypt, Dubai’s famous skyscrapers, the rose-red city of Petra and more.

Traveling all year round

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Where to travel in spring

Springtime Destinations

Fewer crowds, flowers blooming, perfect temperatures to enjoy city walks and local celebrations while nature is fearlessly coming back to life.

summer holiday destination

Summer Holiday

Best time of the year for travelers to enjoy sun, beautiful beaches and turquoise waters. Where to travel this summer?

Where to travel in autumn

Autumn Getaways

Time to embrace the overwhelming reds and yellows, a whole landscape metamorphosis that autumn brings along over mountains and cities alike.

where to travel in winter

Winter Trips

Either you’re searching for the snow or running away from that bone-chilling cold, there are plenty of destinations to enjoy in winter.

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foodie trips culinary adventures
Museum Hopping Vatican City
Northern lights winter fun sky gazing
prater fun parks Vienna Austria
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