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Wish I’d Jungle Cruise Like They Do It in the Movies

There was a time of pandemic when travel wasn’t at its best and jungle cruises were starting to be deeply missed.

Then, and just then, Emily Blunt, as Lily, the brave botanist, decided  to hire the most awkward skipper (played by, the one and only, Dwayne Johnson), take a crumbling steamboat and  go down the mighty Amazon in a journey of exploring its hidden depths. And heights.

And I went to watch. Because cinemas were missed too.

A 20st century botanist, Dr. Lily Houghton, leaves London for an Amazonian adventure with the thought of changing the future of medicine. Her mind is set to find, at any costs, the ancient tree of Lagrimas de Cristal, whose petals have the power to heal almost any disease in the world.

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