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And this is Palermo!

Thousands of years old streets and architecture, surrounded by rare, lush greenery. Mostly fabulous, giant I could say, Mediterranean species of flora.

Ancient city gates are opening ways to lively palazzos and jazz music is rumbling down on the darkened, tiny alleys. Meanwhile, Palermo’s traditional markets, surrounded by a mysterious smokey atmosphere, get crowded with visitors craving for tastiest street food and best Italian restaurants.

Behind the crumbling paint walls, puppets are whispering tales that many have forgotten.

On the outside, Palermo seems often  filled with colorful graffities, but on the inside, it is still wearing along the scars of the Mafia. A pretty welcoming place for the adventurous foreigner, but still trying to heal itself in serenity and beauty of simply enjoying life, while exhibiting an outstanding historical value.

… and this is how Palermo stories are born.


best Palermo restaurants pizza

Best Restaurants in Palermo: Where to Eat Mouth-Watering Sicilian Food in 2022

A short, but completely useful guide of some pretty good restaurants in Palermo, which I’ve (fearlessly) tried out while visiting Sicilia during summer.

If you plan to travel to Palermo in the nearby future, you should know that one of the most popular touristy things to do in this part of the world, except wandering around on the old streets of the awfully charming city, is tasting over and over the Sicilian food.

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