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18 Fun Things To Do In Istanbul For An Authentic Turkish Experience

The very best and fun things to do in Istanbul – here’s how to enjoy to the fullest one of the most colourful and vivid cities I’ve ever seen.

Sunk in the muezzin’s calls from the towering minarets scattered all over the city and dressed up in endless carpets of tulips rolling out each spring, spread on two continents above and under the ground, Istanbul offers the perfect and most unexpected to-do list for any tourist.

Known as Second Rome, Byzantium or Constantinople, the nowadays metropolis used to be the capital of three big empires.

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Two Istanbul Sultanahmet Hotels: Review On Epic Ottoman Architecture

“Traditional Turkish wooden buildings I’ve enjoyed staying in while visiting Istanbul, that are also affordable.”

Oh, my lovely Istanbul!! I’ve written before about the so many fun things to do in Istanbul, and I did not forget to briefly mention my favorite, top-rated cultural Istanbul attractions. So, this is the time for sharing some accommodation experience. Some say that, when you visit a city, accommodation is less important as you are out all day exploring. For me, accommodation is the pavement of my trip. By choosing a historical location I feel I can have the full cultural experience. Especially in a such location bursting with history.

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