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Hanok Villages in South Korea

Best Hanok Villages in South Korea: A Traveler’s Guide to Joseon’s Traditional Homes & Culture

Exploring South Korea’s heart through its most beautiful Hanok villages! Tips & tricks on how to get the best out of spending time in timeless Korean home enclaves where traditional architecture from the Joseon era meets cultural charm. And modernity.

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One day in Sevilla Things to do in Seville

One Day in Seville Itinerary: Best Andalusian Food, Art & Architecture

Getting ready for spending one day in Seville?

As the city is the one and only, excessively charming capital of the southern Spain province of Andalusia, the experience of a day trip to Seville can be quite massive.

You’ll find am urban Andalusian mix of centuries-old architectural marvels, fully immersed in lush vegetation, jasmine scents and the passionate rhythms of flamenco. A Moorish-Renaissance palace and a gigantic Gothic cathedral reign over the historical center, known as the the labyrinthic Barrio de Santa Cruz.

For me, Seville has always had the air of a vintage postcard. Tallest palms I have ever seen, Mediterranean wildflowers scattered at their feet, quirky fine art, colorful ceramics and intricate archways of the ancient buildings, plus the guitar melodies floating above the cobblestone streets, make Sevilla one the most romantic cities in Europe. Durable through time, though so delicate.

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Two Istanbul Sultanahmet Hotels: Review On Epic Ottoman Architecture

“Traditional Turkish wooden buildings I’ve enjoyed staying in while visiting Istanbul, that are also affordable.”

Oh, my lovely Istanbul!! I’ve written before about the so many fun things to do in Istanbul, and I did not forget to briefly mention my favorite, top-rated cultural Istanbul attractions. So, this is the time for sharing some accommodation experience. Some say that, when you visit a city, accommodation is less important as you are out all day exploring. For me, accommodation is the pavement of my trip. By choosing a historical location I feel I can have the full cultural experience. Especially in a such location bursting with history.

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