The Incredible Golden Bridge, Da Nang, Vietnam: Visiting Tips & Tricks

The Golden Bridge in Vietnam’s Ba Na Hills, near Da Nang, known to be raised towards the skies by two stone giant hands, is one of the fastest growing internet sensations. Since its opening in 2018, the bridge has gone viral on social media, drawing tourists from all over the world to witness its breath-taking design.

In no other place than Central Vietnam lies the vibrant city of Da Nang, with its incredible collection of bridges that transcend the ordinary, structures that stretch across waters and skies, pushing the boundaries of both engineering and architecture.

Here, the Dragon Bridge, with its mighty spine arching across the water, awakens with the night, breathing fire and water, a mythical beast guarding the gateway to the street market. Meanwhile, its neighbour, the Han River Bridge, a technological marvel, spins on its axis, to allow ships safe passage towards the bay.

Further along, amidst the misty embrace of the Ba Na Hills, just 20 km south of Da Nang, a Golden Bridge rises above the Trường Sơn Mountains. A pretty unusual serpentine path, suspended by two colossal hands that appear to have emerged from the very heart of the earth itself.

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Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills View from the Flower Garden

Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills, Da Nang, View From the Flower Garden, Copyright ©

📌 Practical information (entrance tickets, tours and transfers):

🛎️ Nearby accommodation (and distance to Golden Bridge):

One of the most iconic places in Vietnam, the Golden Bridge, known as Cầu Vàng in Vietnamese, is a prime example of architectural craftmanship and natural beauty.

Two enormous, god-like hands, coming out from a mountain slope and reaching skywards, support an only 150-meter-long, golden ribbon walkway. The hands, weathered and mossy, seem ancient, like relics from a time when the world was still full of giants and mystics.

📌 Where is the famous two-hands Golden Bridge ?

The Main Entrance for Ba Na Hills resort, Da Nang

Sun World Ba Na Hills Entrance, Copyright ©

The Golden Bridge is cradled by the lush landscapes of Truong Son Mountain, 1-hour distance from Da Nang city, in central Vietnam. But not a standalone landmark. The footbridge comes as an amazingly integrated part of the gigantic Sun World Ba Na Hills Resort.

The Ba Na Hills resort itself is split on 3 levels ascending the mountain’s slope, each level connected efficiently by a cable car system. The first level is all about ticket counters and departure / arrival cable car stations, the middle level is home to some of the most beautifully manicured gardens, while the top level has a French medieval village replica , complete with cobblestone streets and European-style buildings, plus a castle

Elevated approximately 1400 metres (4500ft) above sea level, the footbridge is in fact on the middle level, but still high enough to offer breath-taking views. Floating amidst clouds and mist, the pedestrian pathway is not only a stunning viewpoint, but also a link between the resort’s second floor cable car station with the enchanting Le Jardin d’Amour.

The Golden Bridge can be visited as part of a Ba Na Hills one day trip itinerary, the mountain resort being one of the most searched destinations for day trips from Da Nang, in central Vietnam.

How to Get to the Golden Bridge

Ba Na Hills Entrance Hallway - Hoi An Cable Car Station

Ba Na Hills Entrance Corridor, near Hoi An Station, Copyright ©

To get to the Golden Bridge, you have to get first to Ba Na Hills main entrance. Ba Na Hills is just around  22 km distance from Da Nang City Centre. And, even if the distance is not so big, it will take about 45 minutes to one hour to reach your destination either by bus, rented car, taxi or motorcycle.

From the entrance, you will have to board the cable car that takes you up the mountain.

🚌 Step 1: Bus, Car or Taxi

  • By Car or Taxi: You can hire a car for around 600.000VND/day or take a taxi (VinaSun or Mai Linh), which will cost you about double, from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills. The drive takes about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic.
  • Tour Buses: Many tour operators in Da Nang offer day trips to Ba Na Hills, which include transportation. It takes about 1 hour or more because sometimes they pick-up people on the way there. This is a bus taking you there.
  • Motorbike Rental: For the more adventurous (not me!!), renting a motorbike in Da Nang with around 150.000VND/day and driving to Ba Na Hills is an option. This provides flexibility, but is recommended only if you are experienced in riding motorbikes. Consider this is not a straight highway, but hilly terrain.

🚡Step 2: Cable Car

Once arrived at the Ba Na Hills base station, the primary way to reach the resort area and the Golden Bridge is by cable car. This is one of world’s longest and highest cable car systems, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and coastline. The cable car ride is an experience in itself and is necessary to reach the main attractions, including the Golden Bridge.

To get directly from the foot of the mountain to the Golden Bridge level, you must go to Hoi An station. This cable car line will take you to Marseille station, which is 1 minute away from the bridge. If you are coming down from the top level, French Village area, you will have to take the cable car from Louvre towards Bordeaux.

📌 Top tip: buy yourself this ticket that includes transport to and from Da Nang, plus cable car ticket / entrance ticket to Ba Na Hills.

Vietnam’s Bridge in the Sky – Architectural Brilliance

Golden Bridge Da Nang two giant hands architecture

Golden Bridge Structure, Copyright ©

The footbridge’s floating-in-the-sky design is the brainchild of TA Landscape Architecture, a Vietnamese firm. The most striking element of their architectural masterpiece is, undoubtedly, the pair of colossal, weathered stone hands appearing to support the bridge. These hands symbolize the hands of the gods, cradling a golden thread amidst the verdant mountains, connecting man and nature.

The materials the Golden Bridge is made of were chosen for both strength and aesthetic appeal, structural integrity and integration with the surrounding environment.

Its robust framework is crafted from steel, ensuring durability and the ability to support the weight of crowds. The walkway is decked with wooden planks, adding a natural charm that blends seamlessly with the scenic landscape. For the railings, a combination of metals is used to achieve the bridge’s signature golden sheen. The giant hands that seem to hold the bridge, are ingeniously made from a mix of fiberglass and wire mesh. This gives them a realistic, ancient stone-like look, while being lighter and more versatile than real stone.

The architecture and engineering behind Golden Bridge remind of the importance of creating spaces that resonate with the environment, inspire awe, reflection and wonder, all in one. In the words of the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, “Architecture is that great living creative spirit which from generation to generation, from age to age, proceeds, persists, creates, according to the nature of man, and his circumstances as they change.

Panoramic Views & Scenery

Mountain Panorama in Ba Na Hills

Mountain Panorama in Ba Na Hills , Copyright ©

The views from the bridge are absolutely breathtaking. Due to the way the bridge was designed and built, you feel you are on the top of the world. Often dressed up in a cloth of clouds and mist, the bridge tends to be a surreal, dream-like experience. It is as if you are walking above the clouds, adding to the mystique and beauty of Ba Na Hills.

If it’s a clear day (which is hard to predict), you will see everything, starting from the vast, green landscapes of Truong Son Mountains below down to the distant city of Da Nang, and the coastline.

The greenery around the Golden Bridge changes shades according to seasons. During the wet season (May to October), the area experiences more rainfall, a large contributor to a very lush, vibrant green landscape. From November to April, the foliage may not be as lush, but the region still retains much of its natural beauty. Flowers and green all year round.

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Fun Facts

Golden Bridge Vietnam Flower Gardens

The 2 hands supported bridge & nearby Flower Gardens, Copyright ©

Or what make Vietnam’s Golden Bridge so special.

  • The Stone Hands: The two massive stone hands supporting the bridge are designed to look ancient and weathered, as if they’ve been there for centuries, even though the bridge is pretty new.
  • Altitude: The bridge was places at an altitude of 1,400 meters (about 4,500 feet) above sea level, in order to give visitors a sensation of walking in the sky.
  • Short Span: While it looks long in photos, especially with its dramatic design, the bridge is only about 150 meters (around 490 feet) in length.
  • Inspiration: The design was inspired by the image of the “gods’ hands pulling a golden thread out of the land.” It represents the connection between the earth and the sky, the physical and spiritual, and the past and future.
  • Weather: Due to its altitude, the weather around the bridge can change rapidly. It’s not uncommon for visitors to experience sunshine, rain, and fog, all in a single visit. Most of the times, the bridge is covered in fog due to its high altitude, which adds to its mystical and otherworldly ambiance.
  • Record-Breaking Cable Car: To reach the Golden Bridge, visitors must take the Ba Na Hills cable car, which holds the world record for the longest non-stop single track at nearly 6,000 meters.

Golden Bridge Photography Tips

Golden Bridge Vietnam surroundings - Cable Car Station Building

Cable Car Station Building & Bridge Sidewalk, Copyright ©

When I was there, I decided like most of the people visiting, to go directly to the top and visit first the French village. And visit the bridge around the lunch time. It was crowded and foggy. So, don’t do it. Go straight to the bridge. And as early as you can. And you can return later, if needed. In this way you will capture the bridge in different instances.

📷 Best spots on the bridge for that perfect Instagram shot

The bridge is curved in such way that allows for stunning panoramic photos, capturing both the walkway and the giant hands from either end. On clear days, the backdrop is extraordinary, with a sweeping view of the surrounding mountains extending all the way down to the coastline.

Additionally, close-up shots are equally impressive. The texture, apparent natural look and perceived strength of the hands up close beautifully contrast the man-made structure of the bridge.

Given that the cable car line runs close to the bridge, you can snap some photos from above or below as you approach the nearby station. Once you exit the cable car station building, there’s a terrace at the level of the bridge from where you can capture images with the bridge in the background. Alternatively, there is also this sidewalk, positioned at a lower level along the bridge, located in the flower garden, where you can take photos from a more distant perspective or from just under the bridge.

📷 Time of day recommendations for optimal lighting

Honestly, this is a hard one. Because being on the mountain, the Golden Bridge experiences an extremely moody weather, with fog and clouds and rain showers. So, its more about luck. This is why the time of day can dramatically affect the quality of lighting in your photos.

I would recommend to go as early as you can go in the morning or closer to the sunset hours. The early morning mist or fog common in the Ba Na Hills area can add a mystical and ethereal quality to your photographs, though it might also obscure the view at times. But I found fog even around 02:00 pm in May. This is how unpredictable the weather can be.

Spending a full day at Ba Na Hills will increase your chances of experiencing the bridge in all weather conditions.

📷 Challenges and how to overcome them 

The popularity of the Golden Bridge is quite challenging especially in terms of crowds, which are best avoided by visiting early in the morning or later towards the evening. Having decided to visit first the French Village, I got on the bridge around lunch time and crowds were unbeatable.

Weather at Ba Na Hills is another aspect to consider as it can be pretty capricious. Come prepared with weather-resistant gear for your camera and embrace the fog to add an element of mystery to your shots.

The bridge seemed to be pretty stable. So there will be little vibration issues. But you would need a polarizing filter to manage reflections.

Best Time to Visit Golden Bridge in Da Nang

Golden Bridge in Sun World Ba Na Hills Vietnam on a clear day

Golden Bridge on a Clear Day

Imagine a realm where time and seasons are not bound by the calendar, where the whims of the weather cast you through a year’s journey in the span of a single day. The Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills is such a place, a mystical-like walkway through all seasons.

The optimal time to visit Golden Bridge is typically during the dry season from February to May. Clear views, comfortable temperatures. Although the peak tourist season from June to August, it also brings larger crowds, especially at popular attractions like this one. For nice weather and fewer tourists, the late spring (April and May) and early autumn (September) are ideal. It’s also good to visit early in the morning to avoid crowds.

Be mindful of Vietnamese public holidays and school vacations. Such events can increase domestic tourism, making the site more crowded. Like it happened to me!

📌 My Experience

Hands Bridge in Vietnam Ba Na Hills

Copyright ©

I visited at the beginning of May. Weekend and Vietnamese public holiday! And Ba Na Hills was as full as it can be. I experienced everything on the table: sun, rain, fog, and crowds.

You would be shocked to find out that at some times of the year, especially if you get there during a holiday, queues for tickets are giant. But not only that. The queues to the cable car can be THE inferno.

I wanted to go first to see the top level. And I chose the most crowded of all stations (Toc Tien Station) sending you up to the mountain. Lots of people packed like sardines, on stairs and walkways, across 3 floors. This is why I do advise to visit first hand the Golden Bridge. For the bridge, there is a different station, Hoi An station, the lowest of all and less crowded taking you to Marseille Station, steps away from the Golden Bridge.

📌 Skip part of the queues: buy your ticket in advance! And you can also try this Ba Na Hills Itinerary.

Nearby Attractions

Statue in Ba Na Hills Flowers Hardens
Ba Na Hills Gardens and flower sculptures

Le Jardin D’Amour, Copyright ©

The footbridge is on the second level of Ba Na Hills resort, and seems to serve as a gateway, from the Marseille and Bordeaux cable car stations, to a collection of beautifully landscaped gardens inside Le Jardin D’Amour. Just really, really close to the bridge, there is the Flower Garden, where, in a thematic nod to the bridge’s iconic hands, tall statues of various human body parts are artfully hidden in the greenery.

Not far from here, the 100-year-old Debay Wine Cellar remains as a relic of the French colonial era. They have a bar with wines and snacks. Other than that, food and drink options around the bridge are limited to some kiosks serving freshly squeezed juice and coffee.

At the opposite end of the middle level, about 15 minutes walking from the Golden Bridge, it is impossible to take your eyes off from a 27-meter white Shakyamuni Buddha statue, sitting on a huge lotus nearby the Linh Ung Pagoda. The striking temple is complete with a pair of gates that seem to reach towards the heavens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Da Nang Golden Bridge Giant Stone Hands

Golden Bridge in Da Nang, Copyright ©

Is the hand bridge in Vietnam real?

Yes, the hand bridge in Vietnam, known as the Golden Bridge, is very much real. It is located in the Ba Na Hills near Da Nang and has become famous for its unique design: a golden walkway held aloft by two enormous stone-like hands.

Is the Golden Bridge worth visiting?

Certainly! The Golden Bridge in Vietnam’s Ba Na Hills is an extraordinary destination. The bridge is an engineering marvel and has breathtaking panoramic views. It’s perfect for taking great photos!

How much does it cost to go to the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills?

Visiting the Golden Bridge does not cost anything actually. But, you still need to buy a ticket for the cable car taking you there. Generally, an adult ticket for the cable car can cost around 850,000 Vietnamese Dong (approximately 32 USD). The ticket also includes admission to other attractions within the Ba Na Hills resort, like the French Village, Fantasy Park, temples and gardens.

Where can I buy Da Nang Golden Bridge ticket?

Ba Na Hills tickets for the cable car taking you up on the mountain to the Golden Bridge can be bought online, RIGHT HERE, and with very good 21K+ reviews – 4.7⭐. The experience has been already booked more than 600K times, and there are so many options for the Ba Na Hills Cable car tickets: with shuttle bus from Da Nang included or not, with or without lunch in a buffet restaurant.

It is best to buy your tickets in advance, as sometimes there are gigantic cues. What you buy online is in fact a voucher that you can scan directly at the entrance.

Is there any other way to visit the Golden Bridge instead of taking the cable car?

Cable Car Golden Bridge Bana Hills

Cable Car Golden Bridge Bana Hills, Copyright ©

No. At least for now, the only way for tourists to go up on the mountain and reach the Golden Bridge is by Ba Na Hills Cable Car.

Can I book a photoshoot when travelling to Ba Na Hills?

Certainly, you can arrange a photoshoot during your visit to Ba Na Hills. However, you will need to independently seek out a service provider, as Ba Na Hills does not offer this service directly. You can try this photographer.

What are the giant hands in Vietnam?

The giant hands in Vietnam are a unique and iconic feature of the Golden Bridge (Cầu Vàng) at Ba Na Hills, near Da Nang. They are not just a structural feature, but a symbol of creativity and innovation in modern Vietnamese architecture

  • Opening hours: Mon.-Sun.: 07:00 am to 09:00pm;
  • 📌 Main Gate: Google Maps;
  • 🎟️ Cable car ticket: Book now;
  • 🚍 Shuttle bus ticket: Book now.

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